Mission Statement

Our company aims to provide an accessible vehicle for getting the community talking to itself.

  • We raise and comment on important public issues, ask hard questions and provide a check on government.
  • We are a responsible and involved corporate member of the community.
  • We aim editorially at providing an understanding of our communities for our readers not available elsewhere.
  • We provide a forum for our readers to express and advocate their views on local issues.
  • We provide an effective way for businesses to communicate with their prospective customers, and for the community to be knowledgeable about the goods and services available from the business community.
  • We help readers focus on the potential inside all of us to become truly exceptional community members.
  • We seek to produce the highest quality product and services to our readers, advertisers and the general public.
  • Company Values

  • To create an atmosphere of respect, trust and individual and group recognition.
  • To take risks and celebrate our wins.
  • To be an open system constantly learning and refining our skills and strategy.
  • To promote from within, developing our people and their potential so that we will be ready for opportunities within and outside the company.
  • To foster open, candid communication, and a problem-solving and innovative environment within the company.
  • To treat every contact we have with the public as if our reputation were being established by it, ensuring that such contacts are friendly, prompt and responsive.